Invention, Design, Prototyping, Research, Development, Testing and Manufacturing;

 We stock Stanadyne PMD/FSD modules, resistors and other Diesel Fuel Injection parts, Stanadyne is the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) for the GM 6.5 Diesel injection system and despite another latecomer NON-oem making a PMD/FSD Module, we still find Stanadyne's units the most reliable when mounted on a proper PMD/FSD cooling product as our PDC, Pump Driver Cooler.       

       Stanadyne PMDs in stock for GM 6.5 Diesel & Turbo Diesels, 6.5 Liter, See our PDC/PMD Remote Package = the Fix for the PMD failure stalling problems. | Copyright 2009 |
Above picture is of a small stock delivery of New PMD/FSD modules and resistors.

 We are the; inventors, designers, and manufacturer of most of the products we sell, with exception of the Stanadyne Products mentioned above, Air Filter elements and a few other items.

          A1CUSTOMS United States Patent Office Documents, a1customs innovative products are exlcusive designs.
  Above are copies of some of the old documents filed back in the day with the United States Patent and Trademark Office in regard to our inventions; Remote PMD/FSD HARNESS, Remote Mount PMD/FSD System, Boost and Fuel Controls, Nitrous system, etc.

 As the manufacturer of the high quality products (listed below), we offer special LOW internet pricing to those ordering via the internet, Postal or Email, these prices are not typically available via dealers selling our products and not available by; telephone, nor "will call" at the shop or warehouse.
 Prices on this site are LOW internet ONLY prices.
When buying from a real manufacturer like us it eliminates the middlemen and some phone staff and this is how we can offer you superior products with a proven track record at competitive prices!

 NOTE; due to misuse of images by scammers and unethical websites, all pictures and images and text on this site are protected by COPYRIGHT and may not be used without prior written permission, this helps reduce the theft or misuse of images by knockoff / con-artists and scammers.

We are the MANUFACTURER!, the real deal. If you see someone selling products like our designs, be sure to email us at Sales (AT)  to see if they are approved by us to sell our products or designs.


          PDC unit production, Pump Driver Cooler for GM 6.5 Diesel & Turbo Diesels, 6.5 Liter, PMD/FSD units mount. PMD/FSD cooler. | Copyright 2009 |
 PDC heat sink units after; CNC machining, drilling and tapping operations, ready for next steps in production.

           PMD Remote Harness Production / FSD extension harness for GM 6.5 Diesel & 6.5 Turbo Diesels | Copyright 2009 |
 Above picture is of production of our PDC/PMD Remote Package Wiring Harnesses, in our Wiring Harness production area.
Notice that we use color coded wires! It costs us more but it is the proper way to do it, attention to detail and quality are most important.

           OPS SAVER Production | OPSS (oil pressure switch saver) for most GM engines/vehicles. Especially useful for GM 6.5 Diesel & 6.5 Turbo Diesels, 6.5 Liter | Copyright 2009 |
Above picture is during an early stage of of production of our OPS SAVER products on our assembly line.

          IGNITON SWITCH SAVER (ISS) Production for GM Vehicles, Especially useful for GM 6.5 Diesel & 6.5 Turbo Diesels, 6.5 Liter | Copyright 2009 |
Above picture is during a stage of of production of our IGNITION SWITCH SAVER products on our assembly line.

          GM 6.5 Diesel BOOST CONTROL Production | Gm 6.5 Turbo Diesel and 6.5 Diesels, 6.5 Liter, 6.5 Litre | Copyright 2009 |
Above picture is of our Boost Control Head units as they come through our Boost Controller Production area.

          GM 6.5 Diesel Fuel Control | GM 6.5 Turbo Diesel, 6.5 Diesels, 6.5 Liter, 6.5 Litre | Copyright 2009 |
Above picture is of our Fuel Control Units and heads and they come through our Fuel Controller production area.

         NOTE: actual items may vary slightly from pictures due to variations in various raw materials.

 Our founder Jim has been in the Automotive Industry since 1978 and has worked with and for Major OEMs and has been working on the GM Diesels since their introduction and our shop still has one of the early GM 1994 6.5 Turbo Diesel trucks that Jim bought in 1994! (see pic below).

          Jim's 1994 K3500 Crew Cab Dually 6.5 Liter Turbo Diesel | Copyright 2009 |
  Above picture is of an original 1994 Chevrolet 6.5 Turbo Diesel K3500 Crew Cab Dually outside of the warehouse on a lift for a regular servicing and checks.

 Jim solved the problems plaguing the electronic fuel injected GM 6.5 diesels and turbo diesel engines early, one of the pioneers and who perfected the reliability and power upgrade innovations over a decade ago that are still in use, being produced and sold here to this day. Jim added the 6.5 Diesel products line after addressing the problems with his own truck and those of prior GM diesels, and was asked if he'd make/sell products to those who heard about his work and solutions.

 For over 16-years Jim previously owned and a large 40,000 square foot Automotive Center within a mile of the coast/beaches which included the following; Automobile Dealership, High-Performance Automotive Pro-Shop, Auto Repair Shop, Automatic Carwash, Self-Service Car Wash, Hand Wash & Detail Center, and utility/car trailer sales.

         Gm 6.5 Turbo Diesel Water Mist injection, Water alcohol injection, water alky injection, 6.5 diesel water injection cooling | Copyright 2009 |
Above is an older picture of testing one of our prototype Water/Alcohol-Mist-injection systems back in the day.

 Our inventors/designers have some of the best equipment and tools at their disposal like; CAD, CMM, CNC, 5-axis machining, laser prototyping tools, many various other tooling and design abilities, and much much more. These tools aid in the creation of prototypes of first rate product designs.

 Above picture is of part of the body of high speed car on granite slab table of  the CMM for accurate measuring.
 The vehicle's owner later went on to set the Land Speed Record vehicle for fasted Duramax diesel powered vehicle!
More about that car here;
and pic of same section we show above;

 Corvette on a Dynamometer undergoing a thorough testing.

 We felt it necessary to post the pictures, information and this page on our website about our manufacturing and production due to some unethical and unscrupulous sellers and their promotional site 'forums' that were badmouthing us to try to make sales of items they sell instead (shame on them!). To read about their methods click here.
They have often badmouthed and slandered by saying
that we're; not real, are fly by night, new operation, operate in a basement or garage of some apartment, only making/selling a few items that don't work, do not have a phone #
(it's on this site's contract page, and the old site), etc. all while pushing their stuff via web forums and a sales oriented diesel page "online magazine" site, or diesel place misinformation site, but on this page as you see, their badmouthing and untruths are proven to have no validity!. The strange thing is that if one looks up their addresses on; mapquest, google or yahoo maps, most of their locations are homes in rural farm areas, and one that is a commercial address is that of a building that is found to be for sale or lease! There is nothing wrong about home-based businesses, if they are not mudslinging at those who have been around long before them and operating in a professional manner.

 Our leading products have proven themselves over the years, but prior to that they were rigorously tested to assure that only the best quality, design and products are offered to our customers. But the testing did not stop there, and continued to make sure no problems our after long term use in production and many products have been used on commercial vehicles during that time, and we still operate most of the original test units. We have never had a PMD/FSD fail on our PDCs!

Read what our customers have to say; Click Here for Customer Feedback & Testimonials

 Many of the fine products offered here are used on; AMBULANCES/RESCUE VEHICLES, FIRE Department, ARMY, NAVY, Air Force, Marines & Other Military and other Fleet vehicles that demand RELIABILITY!

We know of no other competitive products that have the same R&D, testing and proven track records as our products.

 Thank you for visiting our site!, and enjoy our products!


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