Q: My 6.5 diesel truck does (any one or more of these; stalls, runs rough, smokes on start up , surges in reverse or from idle), What could be the trouble?
A: Those symptoms are typical of PMD/FSD failure. Click and read > PDC/PMD Remote Package page

Q: My truck is
(doing one or more the things listed in above entry) but there are no fault codes, is that normal?
A: Most often a failed PMD will not set any fault codes.

Q: How can I test if my PMD is bad?
A: Replace it with a known good PMD, to properly test a PMD requires very expensive tools and equipment and labor time of a properly trained technician, so the cost is often very high and the PMD is the most common part to fail on the GM 6.5 Diesels so better to spend on a new PMD than a couple hundred or more to find out that your PMD is bad.

Q: Can I buy your product and try it to test to see if my PMD is bad?
Sure, however you cannot return used parts, once you connect it, then it is used. You would not want to pay for a new product and get a used product would you? Neither does anyone else, so why we must have this policy. We sell only brand new products so you and other customers are assured of getting brand new products only.
 That said, in cases where the customer's vehicle complaint/symptom is stalling,
our product fixes the customer's vehicle problem about 99% of the time! Also, it is most wise to do as many do, and install the PDC/PMD Remote Package and OPS SAVER products as preventive maintenance to assure RELIABILITY.

Q: There are several other sites offering PMD / FSD cooler kits, What makes your's the best?
A: Unlike most others, we have a proven product, long track record, ZERO failure rate, and our products are properly designed, developed and tested prior to release for sale to the public, and you are assured of really getting brand new components only.
click here to read about us and our; Invention, Design, Prototyping, Research, Development, Testing and Manufacturing.
Also, see  on the PDC/PMD Remote Package page the side by side product comparison in chart form detailing the Facts as to why our product is better, this eliminates all the hype, hearsay testimonials and salesmen's propaganda that others may offer, leaving the consumer with only the hard facts as the product's features clearly show which is best.

Q: One site I saw claims that their FSD Heat Sink does not need to be remote mounted, and they even advise against it. is that OK? and they say it is cooler on top of the engine, is that true?
A: NO! and NO!, But you can check for yourself, get you truck's engine up to operating temperature like after a 10 minute drive, then put you hand over the intake manifold, if you feel it is not too hot then try to quickly touch it, BE CAREFUL as it WILL be HOT, then touch the vehicle's firewall, you decide which is cooler, and also keep in mind that in the summer and towing or on long drives it will get a LOT HOTTER on the engine! This is a no-brainer, so much for that site's supposed "testing"... Click here and read here for more info about the knockoffs and cheapie cooler kits some are peddling

Q: Why do some sellers offer PMD kits without a PMD? or Can I resuse my old PMD?
A: Once the PMD is causing problems it is heat damaged, in fact we've seen many that were  starting to go bad shortly after being installed on the injection pump and going through a few heat cycles! This is why it is best to have a true remotely mounted PMD cooling kit of proper design. Sellers selling kits without the PMD are trying to make a buck anyway they can, either they do not, cannot or are not allowed to sell new PMDs, or they figure you will come back to them for the PMD and if not at least they sold you a cheapie cooler kit, but that is bad business and makes the customers go through a lot more hassle and the end result is still a product not as good and then eventually the customer will need to get a quality product like ours to fix the vehicle right, so it ends up costing them more in the long run, than having just got the better product in the first place.

Q: I have a H1 Hummer, Chevrolet/GMC VAN or Motor Home/RV; with the 6.5 in it, will your PDC/PMD Remote Package fit it?
A: YES!, our system fits all 6.5 diesel equipped vehicles from 1994 to current, and rear diesel pusher RV's too!

Q: I saw a site saying to put the PMD on a remote kit in the front bumper, won't that be bad for it?
A: Yes, the PMD is NOT waterproof and it is not recommended to have a harness over 40 inches long.

Can't I just replace the stock PMD in the same location?
Sure you could but it is destine to fail again there and usually the replacements in that location fail faster than the originals.
refer to the PMD replacement page for IMPORTANT reasons and clarification as to why it is best to replace the PMD off & away from the HOT engine.

Q: Can I reinstall the Turbo Power engine cover with your product?
A: YES! our product is designed to mount off and away from the HOT engine, so you can mount the unit and then reinstall the decorative cover.

Q: What is the purpose of a #9 resistor some guys are installing?
A: It is to add fuel, but this is not wise to add a higher Fuel Calibration Resistor as it is NOT adjustable and can result in overfueling and other related problems and make the engine run HOTTER. Fuel should be increased WITH boost and not alone. We have the BOOST/FUEL Controls that ARE ADJUSTABLE for adding both so boost can be increased properly.

Q: My truck has always been slow, lacks power, is weak on hills, What can I do?
A: That is a common complaint for a stock GM 6.5; Click and read >
Recommended Products for the GM 6.5 Diesels. The BOOST/FUEL Controls, Hi FLow Air Filter and High-Performance Tuned Exhaust System are a few.

Q: What is the maximum boost I should run on my 6.5?
A: 15 psi is considered a safe maximum for sustained use, many have run higher without problems, but you must address the PMD, OPS and any cooling issues prior to adding any power upgrades to avoid problems.

Q: I read at the ssdiesel******.com site and he claims 'Just raising boost alone does nothing', it just adds air!, NO hp gain!!", is that true?
A: NO!, a lot of stuff at that site is not accurate or misleading, again a person can easily test the validity of that statement by running direct vacuum from the vacuum pump on the 6.5 to the wastegate actuator, then drive the truck, and will notice a LOT of boost a more power, but be careful an overboost can occur and problems can result, this is to be done to test ONLY to prove added boost adds power. However there is a gain of truth in that site's statement as you should also add FUEL with added boost, and this is why what we offer is the BOOST/FUEL Controls that adds more of BOTH boost and fuel.

Q: What are advantages to your Boost/Fuel Control compared to ECM reprogramming/reflashing or 'chips'/eProms?
A: ECM reprogramming/reflashing or 'chips'/eProms are NOT adjustable, and cannot be turned down to lower levels, so inherently must be set lower to properly work on all the various applications, and 'reflashing/reprogramming' is not user reversible to put back to stock. To revert with a 'chips'/eProm you would need to have an original chip to go back to, and you'd have been further ahead of the game and easier with the Boost/Fuel Controls. Our BOOST/FUEL Control is ADJUSTABLE and can be adjusted up and down as desired and the product is quickly and easily removed to put back to stock if desired.

Q: Would an intercooler be good for my 6.5TD?
A: Click and read >
 NOTICE : Intercooler

Q: Have you heard of any problem with (brand name redacted) foam air filters?
A: Click and read >  WARNING : Foam Air Filter

Q: What do you think about the
(name redacted) air intake system?
A: The air intake setup mentioned has had at least one major failure where parts came off the filter and got in their customer's turbo ad ruined it, as far as we know the seller has not made good on the problem.
For more detail read click here and look at # 7.

Q: Is it a good idea to install low compression pistons?
A: Click and read >
 NOTICE : About Low compression pistons

Q: What do you think of gear drive timing sets?
A: Click and read >
 WARNING : Gear-Drive Timing Set

Q: What are your thought on the splayed main caps kit for the 6.5?
A: Click and read >
 WARNING : Splayed Main Caps Kit



Q: My truck's engine runs hot, what are good things to do to help cool it? or My engine's cylinder heads cracked, why do you think?
A: The first thing to do is to make sure the radiator is clean inside and out and getting proper airflow. The GM 6.5 diesels have a tendency to crack the cylinder heads between the valves when they get hot or go through enough hot & cold cycles, also the cylinders can swell and grab the pistons when hot and make for large problems as well so proper cooling of the 6.5 diesel is critical. In about 1996 GM added oil sprayers to the blocks to spray oil on the cylinders to try to reduce the problem, but the blocks were weak due to the oil passages and then they had block cracking problems! The best solutions is to keep the 6.5 under 210*F at all times, for
cooling system solutions to do just that see our water mist injection (WMI) page. Also read the next post below for more cooling info.

Q: Should I install the GM 1997+ cooling system upgrade on my pre-1997 engine?
A: We have found that unless you need a new water pump that little added cooling is not worthwhile, but if you need to replace the water pump due to failure, then it would not hurt to get the 1997+ "HO" pump and dual thermostat setup, but do NOT use the "HO" pump without the dual-thermostats!
 We had a supplemental dual electric fan system that Jim designed of which was very helpful, but we determined that the cost versus that of adding the
water mist injection (WMI), that it is a much better idea to add the WMI as that is better at keeping engine temps down and the WMI also keeps the turbo and the combustion chambers cooler and cleaner too, and keeps oil cleaner too, of which can extend oil life.

Q: What are you thoughts on this fan clutch a guy is pushing at (a forum)?
A: Click and read >  WARNING : Fan Clutch Warning and A: Click and read >  WARNING : About Forums and Discussion Boards

Q: I was thinking about an intercooler for my 6.5, how are they for the 6.5?
A: Click and read >
 NOTICE : Intercooler

Q: Why don't you sell tanks with you water injection systems?
A: Tanks are big and bulky so therefore are expensive to ship and the customer can usually find a good tank from a local RV supply store. Also there are many variations of size and shape that the 6.5 Turbo Diesel engines came in so it is best to get a tank best suited to your particular vehicle and location preference.

Q: Do I need single or dual-stage water mist injection?
A: If you plan to do any; towing, carry heavy loads, drive in very hot climates for extended periods of over 30 minutes or more then the DUAL stage is recommended. Also if your engine always ran on the hot side or if you plan on adding more boost like with our BOOST/FUEL Controls then the DUAL stage is recommended.

Q: What is the maximum safe EGT (exhaust gas temperature) I should want to keep below?
A: 1000*F



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