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 If you have a truck with a GM 6.5 liter diesel engine, this is the perfect site for you! Here you will find and should learn more than you may even care to about the GM 6.5 Diesel and Turbo Diesel Engines and vehicles.

 The purpose of this website is to provide information and help with problems of the GM 6.5 liter Diesel engines that came in many 1992 to 2004+ and GM; GMC, Chevrolet (Chevy), light trucks, c/k pickups, g series vans, Suburban, Blazer, Jimmy, Tahoe, Yukon and some buses, medium duty trucks and other fleet, commercial, Recreational Vehicle (RV) and military applications, and also AM General Humvee and Hummer H1 vehicles, as well as some Marine (boating) applications. The 6.5 Diesel Engine was based on a Detroit Diesel design used by General Motors and is still in production now by AM General.

 On this site we provide information about our company, and it's; inventions, designs, research, development, testing and manufacturing and provide fact based comparisons to other products that are similar to or that try to serve a similar purpose or that are copies of ours or other products. By providing the facts the consumer can easily see the differences without; hype, propaganda or baseless claims of which are so common with other products sold for these vehicles, and the consumer with the facts is then able to make an educated decision.


 Our founder Jim has been in the automotive business for over 30 Years and has been involved in prototyping and design for many major OEM (original equipment manufacturers) and other large corporations.  After having been somewhat disappointed in what the automotive aftermarket had to offer for these engines Jim went to work, and created some products for his truck at the time, a 1994 Chevrolet K3500 Dually Crew Cab with the GM 6.5 Turbo Diesel Engine. Looking at the weak and problem areas and designing solutions to weak design areas or flaws and create better ways to achieve the goals of better RELIABILITY, POWER, FUEL ECONOMY & PERFORMANCE.
Additionally some very important information is given and explained in the  FORUM WARNINGS  &  PRODUCT WARNINGS  pages are warnings about; misinformation, scams and defective or potential harmful products available for GM 6.5 Diesels.

 1994 was the first year for the EFI (electronic fuel injected) 6.5 Diesel Engines and from the start they seemed plagued with driveability problems and Jim's truck was no exception. The serious problems such as; stalling, hesitation, bucking, effected performance and safety. Factory support seemed nil and the dealers seemed to not understand the problems and appeared to have little desire to learn about or service them, and aftermarket support was virtually nonexistent.
The internet was still in it's infancy and the little information online about the 6.5 diesels was like a joke at best, usually just a couple sites looking to take money for a membership that provided information that was usually available elsewhere for free, and often of little if any of worth and the sites geared to push low quality, ineffective or marginally effective products that had little if any research and development or testing behind them.

 The main cause of driveability problem is the PMD / FSD Module of the electronic fuel injection system that mounts on the injector pump, it is the most common part to fail on the GM 6.5 Liter Diesel Engines.
Jim's invention of the PDC/PMD Remote Package solved the PMD failure problem and is still offered here for sale today.

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 To get his truck (pictured above) to operate reliably it seemed Jim was on his own, and drawing on his extensive automotive background and experience since 1978, he went to work on it, spent countless amounts of time; researching, tinkering, inventing, designing, and testing, testing and more testing. His work was very successful and once the reliability issues were resolved he went to work on ways of reliably adding more power to the GM 6.5 Diesel engines, making them more efficient to also help increase Fuel Economy.

 While most of the automotive aftermarket overlooked or avoided the 6.2/6.5 diesel engines and their problems, Jim was a pioneer working to resolve to the issues and the result of his hard work and dedication was the creation of some excellent and thoroughly tested products. The results are the outstanding products available via this website.

 The need for these innovative leading design products was there and word about Jim's work and the great products spread, and then due to the many inquiries and interest in them a decision was made add a branch to the existing Automotive businesses and offer the innovative products for the GM 6.5 Diesel engines to the public, and after extensive development and thorough testing the products were made available to owner's of GMC & Chevrolet Pick-up Trucks & SUVs and other vehicles equipped with the GM 6.5 Liter Diesel Engines.

 The 6.5 Diesel products business grew, and the information on many of those fine products and other items are still here on this new website that is dedicated to upgrades for RELIABILITY and PERFORMANCE of the GM 6.5 Diesel engines. The products had proven themselves then, continue to do so, and have stood the test of time and have been sold now for well over a decade! Others have tried to copy the designs without successful results and some sellers have come and gone over the years, but it is our products and business that have stood the test of time.

 Many of the fine products offered here are used on; AMBULANCES/RESCUE VEHICLES, FIRE Department, ARMY, NAVY, Air Force, Marines & Other Military and other Fleet vehicles that demand RELIABILITY!  A few of such have testimonials and follow ups listed on our Feedback page.

 Pyrometer and Boost Gauges: are recommended to monitor the engines fueling and turbo conditions, also very helpful in diagnosing some driveability problems.  The Pyrometer is recommended for all diesel engines to measure EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperatures) and the Boost gauge is recommended for all Turbo or Supercharged engines to measure boost pressure. Currently we do not stock gauges. Try We find Auto Meter to be a good brand, and ISSPRO too.

Explore the pages on this website and read the warnings about engine and vehicle problem areas, and things that you need to watch out for, like unethical forums, unscrupulous sellers and parts or products that are being sold for GM diesels that can actually be harmful and/or dangerous!

 This site will be updated regularly as things progress, so be sure to BOOKMARK it in your 'Favorites'  and be sure to check back, or email us at Sales(AT) for updates.

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